Quality Welding Products - Pickling & Passivation Products for U.S. Customers

As an independent division of Dynaflux, Inc., Quality Welding Products, Inc. focuses exclusively on distributing Antox pickling & passivation products for Stainless Steel and other metals within the United States. We serve both end-users and selected, qualified distributors. Chemetall, a leading international industrial chemical manufacturer, manufactures Antox pickling & passivation products in Germany.
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John Corrado
Founded by John R. Corrado to supply these important products, both to fabricators and to welding distributors, Quality Welding Products fills an important gap that has existed in the United States for decades. Customer searching for Stainless Steel pickling & passivation products had great difficulty in finding them in the USA. Internet searches turned up primarily companies in Europe, China, and India, making it difficult to source those products within the United States.

John Corrado has been in the welding industry for over 34 years, and has specialized in alloys and pickling. He also has a background as a quality control manager in the nuclear industry. He was one of the first in the industry to introduce and actively market pickling products into the United States welding market in the 1980's. John immediately recognized the need to educate this market before he could sell the process, so he offered his customers seminars on the subject, and still conducts seminars today.

QWP offers a wide range of pickling & passivation products to meet the needs of fabricators, metal finishers, and welding distributors nationwide. From pickling paste kits in several sizes that include everything needed by fabricators for pickling & passivation of Stainless Steel, Nickel, and other alloys to spray pickling products and bath pickling products, QWP specializes in filling previously unmet needs within the metal fabrication industry.

Education is a primary focus at Quality Welding Products, especially with regard to safety and proper disposal strategies. That is why QWP markets these products in the safest way possible. QWP will not ship any product without an MSDS and Product Data Sheet. We also make those documents available on our website, so customers can access them when planning their processes. We have done this for years as a standard operating procedure, even before it was required by law. Pickling & passivation safety and disposal issues can be handled simply and cost-effectively with proper education and planning.

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We encourage you to investigate the pickling & passivation process and available products from Antox here on our website. Contact us at any time to discuss your needs and we will be happy to provide the information you need to include pickling & passivation in your operations. We’ll work with you, so you can get this important work done efficiently at your location.