Antox Pickling & Passivation Products from Quality Welding Products - USA

Antox pickling & passivation products for heat-generated and welding scale removal and passivation of Stainless Steel (300-series), nickel, aluminum, and titanium are manufactured in Germany by Chemetall. As a United States Master Distributor of Antox products, Quality Welding Products, Inc. markets and distributes a full line of these top-quality metal finishing products, in quantities suitable for small and medium-sized metal fabrication and welding operations.

QWP’s goal is to provide a one-stop source of the pickling & passivation metal finishing products you need, wherever you are located in the United States. Our products are packaged in quantities designed to meet the needs of small fabrication companies, the needs of mid-sized operations, or occasional metal finishing requirements for any company. Since all Stainless Steel P&P products require proper safety precautions and disposal, we also provide all of the information you need, including complete MSDS and Product Data Sheets shipped with every order. That information is also available here on our website, so you can conduct your own qualification process in advance.

Quality Welding Products specializes in pickling & passivation products, along with application tools for those products. That specialization means that you can contact us at any time to discuss your needs and get the information required to choose the exact products for your needs. At QWP, we market products to match your application and in quantities that suit your requirements. Please click the links for details and retail pricing information in the product categories below:

Available in kits that include pickling paste, neutralizing paste, application tools, MSDS & Product Data Sheets, and a Q&A document with instructions and answers to your questions, our kits include everything needed for complete treatment. Kit sizes range from 0.5 Kilo kits to treat up to 40 Sq. Ft. to 10.0 Kilo kits to treat up to 800 Sq. Ft. Our pickling paste products are designed for 300-series Stainless Steel, Nickel, Aluminum, & Titanium, depending on the product.
For pickling & passivation of 300-Series Stainless Steel, discoloration removal on Nickel, and for pre and post-weld cleaning on Aluminum, spray application of these products from QWP may be the ideal method for many applications. These spray pickling sprays have thixotropic qualities that minimize running on vertical surfaces and color indicators to help assure you of complete coverage. A single operation provides pickling and promotes passivation.
From acid-resistant brushes to acid-resistant spray pumps, QWP offers a full range of applicators for its pickling & passivation products. Spray pumps include hand-operated pumps and compressed air-driven pumps. Our QWP paste pickling product kits all include applicator brushes.
Before pickling and welding operations, metal surfaces must be clean and free of grease, oil, and oxides. Antox degreasing and cleaning products from QWP handle the job quickly and efficiently on Stainless Steel and other metals. Three products cover different needs, and are available in quantities to match your operational requirements.
For immersion bath pickling & passivation of 300-Series Stainless Steel alloys, passivation of Aluminum, and discoloration removal for Nickel alloys, QWP offers 30 Kilo quantities to meet the needs of small and medium-sized bath pickling operations. Ideal for fabricators, these products provide a two-bath P&P process that can be scaled to the bath container size needed for maximum performance and economy

Quality Welding Products – Pickling & Passivation Products for U. S. Companies
At QWP, our sole focus is on supplying high quality pickling & passivation and related products to serve a wide range of customers within the United States. As a master distributor for Antox products, we have the expertise you need to assist you with selecting products to match your applications. We also provide you with sensible safety and disposal information to help you use these products, while protecting your employees and the environment. Contact us to discuss your surface treatement needs, and let us show you why Antox products from QWP are your best choice.