Safety Considerations for Stainless Steel Pickling & Passivation - QWP

At Quality Welding Products, Inc., we supply pickling & passivation products for Stainless Steel and other metals to fabricators and other customers throughout the United States. As part of our strong commitment to customer service, we believe that being up-front with safety information for the use of these products is an essential element in our marketing. We know from experience that applying the safety requirements recommended by the manufacturer of the Antox products we distribute assures our customers of safe, efficient, and correct procedures.

Worker and Personnel Safety Precautions

The custom-formulated Antox products used for Stainless Steel pickling contain strong acids, including nitric and hydrofluoric acid, along with other ingredients. Their use requires protection from contact with skin and eyes, along with prevention of ingestion and inhalation of fumes. Specific safety information for each product is included in that product’s MSDS and Product Data Sheet, which you can download by clicking the link. We always ship a copy of both the MSDS and Product Data Sheet with every order, as well. By simply following the precautions in those documents, these products can be used safely to handle your pickling & passivation needs. Each product is different, but the basic safety requirements are similar:
  • Read and review the MSDS and Product Data Sheet for each pickling product before each use. Have employees read this material before using it, as well. Follow all manufacturer safety instructions carefully at all times.
  • Have Safety Gear on hand before use, including recommended protective items and eye washing equipment and decontamination water supply. Inspect safety equipment carefully before each use, and replace any damaged gear.
  • Wear Acid-Resistant Gloves when applying pickling products to prevent skin exposure. Replace worn or damaged gloves promptly.
  • Wear Chemical-Resistant Clothing as recommended in the product’s MSDS and Product Data Sheet. Inspect clothing before each use.
  • Protect Eyes & Face with appropriate face shields, goggles, or headgear as recommended in the product’s MSDS and Product Data Sheet.
  • Supply Proper Ventilation and use respirators, fume extractors, or other equipment in enclosed areas, as stated in the MSDS and Product Data Sheet.
  • Train Personnel. Proper safety training is important for employees involved in the pickling & passivation process. They should thoroughly understand all processes, equipment and procedures for their own safety.
  • Exclude Unprotected Personnel by posting signs, locking access points, etc., as described in the product’s MSDS and Product Data Sheet.
  • Quality Welding Products Keeps Your Safety in Mind

    At QWP, we know that pickling products for Stainless Steel and other metals require safety precautions, as do many other industrial products. We believe that being up-front with product safety issues is the best practice. That’s why we make complete MSDS and Product Data Sheets available on our website and ship copies of these with every order. You can also contact us for information on safety requirements and methods for these products. By following manufacturer’s recommendations for each product, you’ll be assured of safety for yourself and your employees.