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Metal Finishers

Antox Pickling & Passivation Products for U. S. Metal Finishers
Metal finishing companies offer pickling & passivation as primary services to fabricators throughout the United States. Metals, including 300-series Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, and Aluminum alloys require pickling & passivation and fabricators need these services frequently. Fabricators ship completed items for processing to meet their customer’s requirements. Carefully managed, heated pickling baths are the most common method for handling these jobs.

For most metal finishers, small quantity and single unit pickling jobs and rush orders from fabricators on tight schedules can be a problem area. Often, heating up a large pickling & passivation bath system for a small order or small quantity of items doesn’t make sense, or time constraints from customers complicate normal pickling & passivation schedules. Some metal finishers turn down jobs due to these issues.

Ambient Temperature Antox Pickling & Passivation Bath Products from QWP
For many metal finishers, maintaining a smaller scale, ambient temperature pickling bath capability can solve the problem of handling small quantity pickling & passivation jobs. Without interrupting normal operations, rush jobs, too, can often be handled with a smaller scale pickling bath system, using Antox Pickling Bath products from QWP.

Available in smaller quantities, these specially formulated pickling products from Antox, a world-class leader in metal finishing products and systems, make it simple for metal finishers to create pickling & passivation environments to handle individual items and small quantity orders from fabricators economically and efficiently.

  • Antox 73EP – A pickling spray that works at ambient temperature and is thixatropic so it will not run down vertically. Antox 73EP is also colorized so you will be able to see all areas sprayed.
  • Antox 80E – A pickling bath concentrate available in 20 Kilo concentrate containers, it is formulated for ambient temperature pickling and promotes passivation for 300-series Stainless Steel and Nickel alloys.
  • Antox 80EV – 20 Kilo containers of this pre-mixed pickling bath is ideal for small scale pickling operations. At ambient temperatures, it can be used for cost-effective pickling of smaller items.
  • Antox 90E – For passivation after pickling of Stainless Steel (300-series) & Nickel. 20 Kilo containers are available from QWP.

  • Simplicity, Efficiency, and Effective Pickling Solutions
    These Antox pickling & passivation formulations function at ambient temperatures and pickling baths can be created using covered polypropylene/polyethylene tubs. Only a small space is required and individual products or small runs can be handled conveniently and efficiently, as needed. See the MSDS and Product Data Sheets for the products listed above, and for other Antox pickling & passivation products.

    Quality Welding Products
    If your metal finishing operation could benefit from establishing an ambient temperature bath pickling & passivation process to handle small orders from fabricators, QWP has high-quality pickling & passivation products from Antox in stock and ready to ship. Contact QWP with your requirements and to receive a price quote or additional information for the Antox products you need.