QWP Shipping Information

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QWP is pleased to announce that we are now able to ship pickling paste via UPS/UPS Air. QWP will now be able to support their customers with fast delivery when their customers need these products in 1-3 days.

QWP has developed a new 1/2 kilo (approximately 1 pint) container that will be accepted by UPS/DOT.
The new 1/2 kilo kit consists of:

1/2 Kilo (1 pint) Pickling Paste-Antox 71E Plus/Antox 3D
1/2 Kilo (1 pint) Neutralizing Paste-Antox NP
Product Data Sheet
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
Questions & Answers about Pickling Paste
Acid Resistant Brush

The Pickling Paste Kit is shipped according to UPS/DOT Hazmat regulations, and is shipped in one complete package

QWP Payment Information

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QWP is proud to announce that we now accept all major credit cards through Paypal. Simply email your order request and we will send you an online invoice which will direct you to PayPal for easy online payment. You can choose to use any major credit card, an existing PayPal account or sign-up for a free PayPal account.

At QWP, we make all of your purchases as easy and hassle free as possible. To pay online, please send your order inquires llewis@dynaflux.com

Contact us for any additional questions or concerns about payments.