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Welding Distributors

Welding & Industrial Pickling Product Distribution Opportunities
When QWP discusses pickling & passivation with welding and industrial distributors at trade shows and conferences, we often hear that their customers often ask about pickling products. In most cases, welding and industrial supply distributors don’t carry these products and can’t offer their customers a ready solution for their pickling & passivation needs. Quality Welding Products, Inc. has those solutions and answers.

QWP can offer a limited number of distributorships to a select group of welding and industrial distributors. We distribute a full range of Antox pickling & passivation products, designed for the needs of fabricators and other businesses. Our surface treatment products are available for Stainless Steel (300-series), Nickel, Titanium, and Aluminum alloys, along with low alloy and carbon steel.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of these high-quality metal surface-finishing products in your area, we offer:

  • Hands on Training
  • Pickling & Passivation Sales Meeting at Distributors Facility
  • Scheduled Joint Sales Calls
  • Technical Literature
  • DVD for All Products
  • Product Selection Chart
  • Sales Leads in Your Territory Generated by Our Advertisement/Trade Shows/Website

  • *QWP requires the distributor to place a stocking order to qualify for this program. This order can be made up of any combination of products.

    Our Pickling & Passivation Product Distributorships are Limited in Number
    To learn more about becoming a distributor of these products, please Contact QWP to discuss our distributor requirements and opportunities. We’ll be happy to assist you in determining if becoming a distributor of our products is a good fit.