Quality Welding Products of Cartersville, GA is an official Master Distributor of Antox Pickling and Passivation products (P&P)

Antox Pickling & Passivation Products

Quality Welding Products is proud to have been selected as a Master Distributor for Antox pickling & passivation (P&P) products for metal finishing in the United States. Antox, a world-class leader in metal surface treatment products, formulates and manufactures a wide range of chemical surface treatments for 300-series Stainless Steel, Nickel, Aluminum & Titanium alloys.

The specialized Antox products for pickling & passivation we distribute are specifically formulated to remove scale and discoloration caused by welding, heat treating, and other high temperature processes and to promote passivation of surfaces by facilitating the formation of protective oxides. Antox products made for treating Stainless Steel and nickel contain less than 50PPM of chlorides.

QWP: Your U.S. Source for Information, Recommendations & Service

At Quality Welding Products, we market our pickling & passivation metal finishing products in the safest way possible. Unlike some suppliers, we are always up-front with proper safety & disposal information, and include product MSDS and Product Data Sheets with every order, along with an informative Q&A document. We are always available to make recommendations of products to match your applications, and are dedicated to educating customers in the proper use of P&P products. We hope you’ll explore our website to learn more and then Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

QWP Serves a Wide Range of U.S. Metal Finishing Customers

QWP provides pickling & passivation products in quantities sized to meet the needs of metal fabrication companies and for use in smaller operations by metal finishers. QWP has found that some businesses have great difficulty in obtaining these surface treatment products in the United States, so we are dedicated to filling the needs of our customers with high quality metal finishing products conveniently, in the right quantities, and at cost effective pricing. Our customers include the following business categories. Please click the links for more information about products that suit your needs:

  • Fabricators
  • Metal Finishers
  • Welding/Industrial Distributors
  • Steel Service Centers

  • Quality Welding Products, Inc. of Cartersville, GA is an official Master Distributor of Antox Pickling and Passivation (P&P) products in the U.S. Contact us to order »